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Jules Design is a leading Toronto Boudoir photography studio. We specialize in beautiful glamour and sexually explicit portraits. We produce elegant images of individuals and intimate couples.

Our Studio... Our Capabilities
Our studio features a 16' foot ceiling. This height allows for innovative lighting setups and dramatic over-top image photographs. As we shoot, you will preview each image on a 36-inch monitor to assess your boudoir photographs.

Our studio set-ups include various backdrops, fans ladder, props and lighting configurations to highlight your best features

Photoshop Editing
We are skilled at reproducing colour accurate skin tones. With advanced Photoshop editing capabilities, we offer expertise at removing skin imperfections to produce natural looking results.

As experienced graphic designers, we can create unique images or we can stage a look you wish to emulate; we welcome your sample images to copy the look you want.

You made me feel so comfortable and you were so professional. It was a joy to feel like a real model for a day.
Laurel Kent

Our Style with Boudoir Photos
With props, fans, awesome lights, and advanced Photoshop technique, we produce the best Toronto boudoir photography. Tell us what you want, and we will create images that coincide with your visions of beauty.

Conversely, if you are not sure of what photo style(s) you seek, let us know, and we will give you some ideas. If you have never done nude photography before, rest assured, we will show you some professional techniques to make your pictures spectacular.

Since imagination drives sexual desire, our preference is to imply nudity as opposed to being blatant about it. Indeed, nudity is part of what we do, but our emphasis is grace and art, not porn.

Highlight the beautiful you...
Don't let a skin "thing" stop you from taking great boudoir photos.
Jules Design offers affordable Photoshop retouching.

Photoshoping nude photos...

Often Clients ask us about Photoshop editing to enhance their photographs.
Below are some common questions:

  • Can you Photoshop my stretch marks?
  • Can Photoshop make me look slimmer?
  • Can you fix my nose, boobs, and skin in Photoshop?
  • Can you make the image Black and White?
  • Can you hide my…
  • Can you give me fake eyelashes in Photoshop?
Yes we do that!
Jules Design offers advanced Photoshop services to edit nude photos. What makes our Boudoir Photography Special?
  • We have a studio
    We don't operate out of our car or our living room; we are equipped with a professional environment and the tools to produce great boudoir photos!

  • Photoshop
    We offer advanced Photoshop editing to finish your skin tones, curves and boudoir images perfectly

  • Staging Props and Tools
    To give your boudoir photos added pizzazz, we use staging props and tools. Our staging gear includes satin sheets, various backdrops, rose pedals, fans and more to produce images with sensuality and drama

  • Leading Camera Technology
    Better lenses produce better photos. Our boudoir studio uses Pro Grade Nikon Glass and the flagship Nikon D800 camera body.

  • State-of the-art studio facility
    We use a light meter, a variety of strobes and light modifiers to produce dramatic lighting effects
For more information on Toronto Boudoir Photography rates, contact Jules Design
T: 647.997.2793

Boudoir Photographer Toronto
Photoshop Editing for Boudoir Photography - Toronto Boudoir Photographer

pin-up Toronto Boudoir Photographer

In-Studio Boudoir Photography Rates / Prices custom packages available - Studio location near DVP and Eglinton
Basic Boudoir $299 Silver Package $399 Gold Boudoir Package $599
  • 1 hour
    Boudoir / Intimate Photo Session
    We photograph about 100 +/- Photographs

  • Pick 30 Photos
    For Colour Correction
    $15 per additional image


  • Pick 5 images for Photoshop Editing (Bulges and Breast reshaping not included- some conditions apply)

  • Advanced Studio Lights, Props (Satin Sheets 'n Fun Fur) incuded

  • Unfinished photo session RAW and JPEG disk available for $50
  • 3 hour
    Boudoir / Intimate Photo Session
    We photograph about 200 +/- Photographs

  • Pick 50 Photos
    For Colour Correction
    $15 per additional image


  • Pick 5 images for Photoshop Editing (Bulges and Breast reshaping not included- some conditions apply)

  • Advanced Studio Lights, Props (Satin Sheets and Fun Fur) incuded

  • Unfinished photo session RAW and JPEG images available on request
  • 4 hour
    Boudoir / Intimate Photo Session
    We photograph about 200 +/- Photographs

  • Pick 20 Photos
    For Colour Correction + Photoshop Finishing
    $35 per additional image

  • 9' Studio Black and White Studio Backdrops

  • This package includes visual props such as satin cheats, fun fur, faux flowers

  • Strobe Studio Lights (Light Kit)

  • Photos supplied to Client
    by Web Download and DVD

  • Unfinished photos from session
    (RAW and JPEG format) included
  • $100 per additional hours of on-site photography service
  • $5 per photo to blur or conceal face
  • Skin blemish removal and Photoshop retouching: $40 per photo
  • Major breast, curve, and "bulge" reshaping; starting at $99 per image
Studio Space included
*As each project is unique, the following prices are estimates only and may vary relative to the assignment.
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